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Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

McKnight Vision Research Seminar- Presenter: Dr. David H Sliney from Johns Hopkins University

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The human eye is remarkably well adapted to the potential ultraviolet and blue-light phototoxicity hazards from sunlight. However, ophthalmic examinations and ocular diagnostic tests may produce exposures that are potentially hazardous. An international standard on ophthalmic instrument safety addresses these particular issues. Although safety guidelines exist for acute effects, concerns have long been expressed about the relationship of chronic ultraviolet exposure and cataract as well as the potential phototoxic effects of light and ultraviolet radiation on the retina over a lifetime as contributing to age-related macular degeneration. Despite the continued debate regarding the degree of risk, there are some steps that can be taken as “good insurance” to protect the eyes from needless exposure to ultraviolet and light energy through sensible filtration in ophthalmic light sources, sunglasses, spectacles, IOLs and contact lenses