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Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Calendar of Events

Bascom Palmer Eye Institute hosts a number of lectures and seminars, open to ophthalmologists, vision researchers, the University of Miami community and, in some instances, the general public. For a complete schedule of Continuing Medical Education events for the 2013-14 academic year, you may download the brochure with registration forms. If you wish to obtain additional information about any of these events please contact the respective coordinator.

McKnight Vision Research Special Seminar- Presenter: Nitin Chitranshi- Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Calendar: McKnight Vision Research Seminars

“Gene Delivery in Rodents Eye”

Nitin Chitranshi from is a junior vision researcher at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Macquarie University, NSW, Australia. He completed his bachelor and master degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from India. He joined Macquarie University after several years of teaching and research experience. He is carrying out research under the umbrage of Prof. Stuart Graham. Currently, his Research interest includes Neurotrophin factor (BDNF, NT3/4/5) signaling in the retina and Viral vector mediated gene delivery and gene manipulation in Rat models and genetically modified mice models.

McKnight Vision Research Seminar- Presenter: Professor Dietmar W. Hutmacher, PhD, MBA from Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia

Calendar: McKnight Vision Research Seminars

“Convergence of Bioinspiration & Biomimetics into Biomaterial Science & Tissue Engineering” Nature provides an outstanding blueprint for scientists, engineers and architects. World-renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi is among those prodigious innovators who pursued inspiration in the natural world and achieved an unprecedented biomimetic design approach, which revolutionized the way in which architecture was understood in his time. Nature uses fibre reinforcement to transform weak structures into outstandingly mechanically robust ones and hard and soft structural natural composites discovered in biology have spurred motivation for the design of advanced synthetic materials. Many examples of bio-inspired hard materials based on natures design of bone, dentine, seashell nacre can be found in the literature, however far less attention has been devoted to soft tissues such as articular cartilage, breast and heart valves as well as ocular tissues formed by stiff and strong collagen fibres intertwined within a weak hydrogel matrix of proteoglycans. The Hutmacher group is working on novel natural design perspective of fibre reinforcement in the field of biomaterials science & tissue engineering (BS&TE). The talk will deliver fundamental and applied research concepts in cross-disciplinary areas of regenerative medicine, bioengineering, advanced manufacturing, materials science, biology and biomechanics; and delivering innovations in design & fabrication of soft tissue replacement materials for tissue engineering applications with a focus on ocular tissues.