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Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Shared Equipment

Shared Equipment

The Shared Equipment Core provides investigators access to equipment that would be impractical for a single lab to purchase or maintain. An experienced lab manager cares for the shared equipment, oversees use, and offers training. The core also pays service contracts.

The Shared Equipment Core is supported by NEI Core Center Grant P30 EY014801. Please cite this grant number on all publications that make use of this core.


Laboratory Operations Manager Fabio Nascimento manages the Shared Equipment Core.

Location & Equipment

The Laboratory Manager’s office is located on the 4th floor of the McKnight Building. Shared equipment is housed in the following locations:

1st floor of the McKnight building

Ophthalmic Biophysics Center:

ThermoFinnigan LC-Q MS/MS ion trap
(Sr. No. LC001034)

4th floor of the McKnight building

Main open lab (Rm. 413 A & B):

  • Biorad Chemidoc gel imaging system
  • Bio-Tek Synergy HT microplate reader
  • Two Bio-Rad I-Cyclers
  • Zeiss Dissection Microscope
  • BMG Lab Tech Lumistar System
  • Barnstead Nanopure Diamond water system.
  • Elliott-Williams Cold Room
  • Beckman Coulter DU 730 UV/Vis Spectrophotometer
  • Eppendorf Vacufuge
  • Imperial Lab Line III Incubater for Bacteria

Equipment Room (Rm. 413C):

  • VWR Lab Incubater for Yeast
  • Barnstead Lab/Line MaxQ Incubated Shaker

Tissue culture room (Rm. 415):

  • Three Nuair Biological Safety Cabinet C-II Type A2
  • Baker Company Safety Cabinet C-II Type A/B3
  • Beckman refrigerated centrifuge (Allegra 6KR)
  • Six Hepa Steri-Cycle C02 Incubaters
  • Barnstead Lab Refrigerator
  • Inverted VWR microscope (Vistavision TP-BP)

6th floor of the McKnight building

Autoclave room (Rm. 605A):

  • AMSCO (eagle 2021) autoclave

Equipment room (Rm. 619A):

  • Sorvall high-speed centrifuges RC-5C
  • Sorvall high-speed centrifuge RC-5B
  • Beckman ultracentrifuge L7-65
  • Beckman ultracentrifuge L8-80M
  • incubator/shaker
  • LKB Wallac liquid Scintillation counter
  • Barnstead Nanopure Diamond water system.
  • Beckman Coulter Allegra 6R Centrifuge

Tissue Culture Room (Rm. 619C):

4 VWR C02 Incubater
2 Nuair Biological Safety Cabinet C-II Type A2
VWR Microscope

Darkroom (Rm. 606A):

  • Kodak Developer (M35A XOMAT)

Molecular biology room (Rm. 620A):

  • Beckman spectrophotometer (DU-64)
  • Biorad icycler real-time thermal cycler

7th floor of the McKnight building

Molecular biology room (Rm. 706A):

  • GE Healthcare Multiphor II Electrophoresis System

For more information,
please contact:

Fabio Nascimento

Manager, Laboratory Operations
Phone: 305-482-4807 (direct number)
305-326-6046 (central research office number)
McKnight Building, 4th floor