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Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Wavefront Guided Custom Excimer Laser Treatment

In addition to fundamental refractive errors such as myopia, the eye can have other complicated optical defects called aberrations. These defects can reduce the quality of vision, especially at night. Using an instrument called an aberrometer, physicians can assess and quantify these aberrations and develop a patient-specific, computer designed excimer laser treatment pattern to guide the laser treatment. The wavefront measurement, described as a “fingerprint of your eye”, captures tiny subtle variations in the way light passes through your eyes. These variations can be as unique as your fingerprints.

This so-called “custom” treatment reduces the postoperative aberrations of the eye and provides better quality of vision than would be generally expected with non-customized treatment. Bascom Palmer served as one of six study sites for the development and FDA approval of the VISX Inc. “CustomVue” anti-aberration treatments for myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. In clinical trials, 98% of patients enjoyed 20/20 vision or better and 70% attained an astounding 20/16 or better. All patients who optically qualify for this custom treatment, one of the most exciting advances in vision correction, receive it at Bascom Palmer.

The recent application of so-called “Star Wars” laser tracking technology has enabled the excimer laser to maintain proper centration on a patient’s pupil during laser treatment, even if the eye moves during treatment. In addition, technology has been adapted to center and rotate the laser to correctly apply the laser treatment in precisely the desired orientation.