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Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

Eyelid / Periocular Tumors

Tumors of the eyelid may be benign or malignant. A detailed examination with an Oculoplastic surgeon will help the patient to determine the most appropriate plan for diagnosis and treatment. In most cases, a biopsy may be performed to determine the cause of the growth.

The most common type of eyelid cancer is basal cell carcinoma. Other types of eyelid cancer include squamous cell carcinoma. melanoma and sebaceous cell carcinoma. Most eyelid malignancies are removed surgically. Removal is often performed by a dermatologist who is trained in the MOHS micrographic technique. Oculoplastic specialists work closely with the MOHS surgeon to ensure complete tumor removal and optimal repair of the wound. The Oculoplastic surgeon will reconstruct the eyelid to provide proper lid function and eye protection.

Some tumors have the potential to grow into the tissues adjacent to the eye. Following diagnosis, the surgeon will assist the patient in conducting a full work-up that is tailored to their specific,individual needs. The Oculoplastic specialists at Bascom Palmer Eye Institute have developed close working relationships with other specialists at the University of Miami, including hematology/oncology, radiation oncology, ENT/head and neck surgery, and neurosurgery. This team oriented approach is undertaken to provide the most expeditious, optimal outcome for the patient.